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Pillow center is a pillow and carpet company based in Istanbul. Our company, which carries out wholesale and retail sales, maintains quality and trust-based services.

He has been working in the workshop and retail sector since 2000. It exports thousands of pillows and hundreds of carpet stocks to many parts of Turkey and the world. Our company continues in the sector with the brand “Pillow center” in 2018. As a company, quality and trust are among our basic principles.

Our company, which continues to work with a focus on customer satisfaction, has exported thousands of products since the day it stepped into the sector.
Our company, which makes special designs at the request of our customers; does not share the designs made with third parties/companies.

As a company, we provide daily 400 pillow production, oriental corner, pouffe, carpet and bag services.

Our “Pillow Center” company, which carries out its activities as a workshop and store, is located in Istanbul / Sultanahmet. Our company continues to provide services with a staff of 10 people.
Our sales continue in online stores.

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