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Decorative Home Textile

With its subtle scent of history, it will add a stylish atmosphere to the home and office environment. We lay the past under your feet with its healthy, high quality and eye-catching design. We have pillows, poufs, oriental corners and different designs in all sizes. You can click the button below for more information.

Pillow center is at your service all over the world with its high quality and eye-catching products!


Our Services

We offer you pillows, poufs and oriental corner designs of all sizes. We produce 400 pillows per day.


What a joy to experience a premium quality combined with good pricing and customer service! We loved working with you, your product, and all the instructions that were included helped a lot. Definitely worth buying!

James Wrigley
James WrigleyChef

I simply adore this product and nice, lightweight design. Thank you for the professional work!

Lily Hunter
Lily HunterPublisher

Who wouldn't want to have these unique products? Thanks for the pillows!

John Doe
John DoePhotographer