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Our company, which stepped into the sector in 2000, carried out its works as Güven Tekstil until 2018. Our company, which changed its name with the Pillow Center brand in 2018, continues its activities under this brand.

As a company, we continue our work with the best service understanding without compromising our product quality. We are on our way to becoming a company that is recognized worldwide as “the best quality, the best product”.

Our goal is to produce handmade products in the best way and to increase their awareness by everyone around the world. In our work as a company, we pay attention to all product details and use the best materials. The Pillow Center brand has cooperated with many independent companies from past to present and exported thousands of products.

When our company first stepped into the sector, it only provided workshop services. Today, besides the workshop service, it also provides store service for retail and wholesale.

Our company produces 400 pillows per day. Our company, which cooperates with many companies that are among the leading companies in the sector, produces and sends products that include your brand to all over the world.

our vision

Creating high quality, innovative and different products; to bring handmade textile products together with people from all over the world, to be the most admired and preferred brand by creating a pleasant environment where our customers will add a historical atmosphere to their environment

Our Mission

To provide the right quality-price ratio, to meet the expectations of our customers at the highest level with a wide product range.