The Moldovia Carpet & Kilims

It will add a stylish atmosphere to your environment with its quality and eye-catching colors. There is only 1 seller of this product.


Moldovia Kilim Carpet

Moldovan rug made of high quality yarns with strenuous craftsmanship. It is a wonderful handcrafted product with every detail made with fine workmanship. It is estimated that it was built about 80-90 years ago. While adding a stylish atmosphere to the environment with its quality and clean appearance, it also continues to fascinate its visitors with its historical appearance.

You will take the first step for a healthy environment with the Moldavian carpet that you can use in your home or any environment you are in!

Its decorative and elegant appearance attracts a lot of attention from its visitors. Another interesting feature is that it touches extremely meticulously! The Moldavian carpet, which has gone through a very grueling and long process when compared with today’s facilities, has been used by different people several times since its production was completed. The Moldavia carpet, which has not spoiled its simplicity and quality despite the passage of many years, reveals how successful craftsmanship was achieved with the opportunities of its period.

Handmade carpets and kilims, every detail of which has a different meaning, are described by embroidering the situations of people from many civilizations into these handmade rugs and carpets.

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