Wholesale Pillow Manufacturer
Wholesale Pillow Manufacturer

Wholesale Pillow Cover

Pillow Center is a pillow manufacturer in Turkey that sells and manufactures at the same time. It is a direct manufacturer of decorative pillows and specialty pillows such as hotel pillows, sleeping pillows, pillow inserts, rug rug pillow covers. It has been operating in Istanbul since 1998. In our company, where pillows of all sizes are produced, we offer you a special pillow size option. Wholesale Pillow Manufacturer

Why choose Pillow Center?

As Pillow Center, we manufacture and export all kinds of fluffy, hard or patchwork pillows. We use the best materials and the best filling materials. Our company produces +400 pillows per day. The transportation of the products owned by our company is extremely fast and safe. We value hard work, continuity and integrity. We continue to work for the best.

What Does Pillow Center Offer You?

Our company Pillow Center leaves its competitors behind with its high production capacity.
Our strategy is global and domestic.
As Pillow Center, we shape our products according to the wishes of our customers and prepare personalized products in the best way.
“Product assurance” of products with the Pillow Center brand; Your products are delivered to you with 100% guaranteed and satisfactory reliability.

Pillow Center Services

Pillow Center” is not only a pillow manufacturer, but also a company that is on its way to becoming a brand in our developing and changing world.

Wholesale and retail; Bring your guests together in the best sleeping and resting position with quality and comfortable hotel pillows.

Wholesale Pillow Manufacturer

Our company always offers the best solution for its domestic and international customers. Pillow, duvet, rug or rug; Hundreds of our products are delivered safely and quickly to many parts of the world.

As Pillow Center, we produce patchwork carpets or pillows of all sizes. In addition to handmade pillows, we also produce industrial pillows. We offer professional business ethics in the global arena with the experience and experience we have gained from our services from the past to the present.

Pillow Center Wholesale Pillow Manufacturer

Pillow Center is a direct manufacturer of foam pillows, down envelopes and cushions, handmade pillowcases and industrial pillows and pillowcases. Our “Pillow Center wholesale” company, which provides professional production services with its expert personnel in the field, offers the following services;

Handmade rug (rug), moldov, hemp pillow cover, carpet and rug.

In addition to these, it also produces patchwork pillow covers and carpets.

Our company also produces pillowcases, if requested, together with pillowcases. According to the demand, feather, goose feather, bamboo or cotton materials are used.

For Pillow Center wholesale pillow covers, you can contact our company from the communication section or the live support section. While our Istanbul handmade wholesale pillow manufacturer produces +400 pillows per day, it currently has +7,000 products in stock. Our company, which exports hundreds of products every day, will offer you the best, most reliable and professional service understanding.

16x16 moldovia carpet pillow
Moldova Pillow Cover
bed pillowcase handmade hemp pillow cover pillow center
Hemp Pillow Cover

Handmade Rug Kilim
Handmade Rug Kilim

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